1 and 2 March, Bangalore
Status: Accepting submissions

About the event

ReactFoo Bangalore is India’s largest React conference. With over 800 developers and presence of international speakers, ReactFoo Bangalore promises to a world-class, high quality event.


ReactFoo is a single-track conference with talks in auditorium 1, Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions and hallway activities across both days.
If you are interested in speaking, submit a proposal for:

  1. Full-length talks of 40 mins duration – primarily case studies and architecture journeys.
  2. Crisp talks of 20 mins duration – introduction to latest tools, libraries, projects you have worked on and alternatives to React.
  3. Hands-on workshops of three hours or six hours duration where participants follows instructors on their laptops.
  4. Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions – one-hour long discussion sessions on a focussed topic.

Who should propose?

ReactFoo is an event for practitioners, by practitioners. Anyone who is practising web development, front-end engineering and is obsessed with performance can submit a talk for the conference.

Why you should propose:

  1. To learn from and network with peers from the industry.
  2. To showcase your work, open source or otherwise, with the larger community.
  3. To enable better craftsmanship of the trade you are in.

Selection process

Proposals will be shortlisted and reviewed by an editorial team consisting of practitioners from the community. Make sure your abstract contains the following information:

  1. Key insights you will present, or takeaways for the audience.
  2. Overall flow of the content.

You must submit links to videos of talks you have delivered in the past, or record and upload a two-min self-recorded video explaining what your talk is about, and why is it relevant for this event.

Also consider submitting links to the following along with your proposal:

  1. A detailed outline, or
  2. Mindmap, explaining the structure of the talk, or
  3. Draft slides.

Honorarium for selected speakers; travel grants

Selected speakers and workshop instructors will receive an honorarium as per the event standard, at the end of their talk. Confirmed speakers and instructors also get a pass to the conference. We do not provide free passes for speakers’ colleagues and spouses.

Owing to budget decisions, we may or may not be able to offer travel grants or accommodation for this event. This will be informed well in advance when shortlisting your proposals.

Important dates

ReactFoo Bangalore conference – 1 and 2 March, 2019.
Last date for submitting proposals: 15 October 2018

Contact details:

For more information about speaking, ReactFoo, sponsorships, tickets, or any other information contact support@hasgeek.com or call 7676332020.

Propose a session

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 (Workshop) Building Augmented Reality game with React Native
Vladimir Novick (@vnovick) Intermediate 2 0 Wed, 18 Jul
2 Building data driven AR experiences powered by GraphQL
Vladimir Novick (@vnovick) Intermediate 2 0 Wed, 18 Jul
3 Building AR apps with React Native
Vladimir Novick (@vnovick) Beginner 2 0 Wed, 18 Jul
4 The ultimate guide for Software Procrastination
Boris Litvinsky (@borislit) Intermediate 1 0 Tue, 17 Jul
5 Generating Fractals in the Browser With Rust and WebAssembly
Ankur Sethi (@s3thi) Advanced 1 0 Fri, 29 Jun
6 Hitting 60 FPS: How to Discover and Fix Performance Issues in React Applications
Ankur Sethi (@s3thi) Intermediate 2 0 Fri, 29 Jun
7 Building Serverless Mobile Applications with React Native & AWS Amplify
nader dabit (@dabit3) Intermediate 2 0 Thu, 28 Jun
8 ReactJS + Unity3D: Mixing the best from two worlds
Denis Radin Intermediate 1 0 Mon, 25 Jun
9 Writing Custom ESLint Plugins
Ankur Sethi (@s3thi) Advanced 1 0 Thu, 14 Jun
10 Good Code, Bad Code & Code Review
Matthew Borden (@mborden) Intermediate 2 0 Sat, 9 Jun
11 Intro to MobX
Pavan Podila (@pavanpodila) Intermediate 1 0 Fri, 13 Apr
12 Let's write baby redux
Mihir Khatwani (@mihirkhatwani) Intermediate 1 0 Thu, 29 Mar
13 A Closer Look at the React Codebase
𝕍𝔸ℝ𝕌ℕ 𝔸 ℙ⚡ (@apvarun) Intermediate 7 2 Tue, 13 Mar
14 React app with Apollo + GraphQL
Souvik Basu (@souvikbasu) Beginner 2 0 Tue, 6 Mar
15 D3.js with React  
john venigalla (@johnvenigalla) Intermediate 1 0 Mon, 26 Feb
16 Presto: DSL for Apps - using Purescript and React
Sahebjot singh (@raunaqrox) (proposing) Beginner 0 0 Thu, 15 Feb
17 Wrap it in a Web Component  
Arijit Bhattacharya (@hwk73) Beginner 5 2 Sat, 3 Feb
18 Building Reusable React Component
Vinod Prajapati (@vinod8812) Advanced 18 0 Sat, 27 Jan
19 Let's Sync the Async- A Primer on Redux Sagas    
Preeti Wadhwani (@preetiwadhwani) Intermediate 4 0 Fri, 26 Jan
20 The Common Patterns of React Components
Pavan Podila (@pavanpodila) Intermediate 5 1 Wed, 10 Jan
21 React + D3
Nitesh Tiwari (@nitte93) Intermediate 12 2 Wed, 10 Jan
22 Take your react-fu to fullstack-fu
Karthik Venkateswaran (@karthikvt26) Beginner 1 0 Sat, 6 Jan